Grins Clay                                                                   Lilli Blackburn
 Birds and Beasts in Clay

This website is to provide you with information about my work that is directed towards people who appreciate pets.
Grins Clay is functional and artistic pieces that have a common theme of pets in various dilemmas that make you want to smile, hence the name, Grins. My studio is located in Ann Arbor, MI and you can find me at art fairs in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and many others.  In this website, please find example pieces of my artwork, contact information and where you can my work next!

paws  Pet treat jars, pet food bowls, water bowls

    paws  Salt and pepper shakers, mugs,  teapots

  Chess sets, Tic-Tac-Toe, wall and table sculptural pieces

    paws  Memorial Urns for your beloved friends

paws   Pieces can custimized to your individual pet by sending me photos

If you would like some more information about all that I can do please email me at or call me at 734-769-3465.

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"We all need a few more Grins in our life."